Thursday, December 17, 2015

Claiming the spratlys

Tumitingin ako sa aking mga drafts na for some reason eh  hindi ko naipost. And i stumble upon this entry na four years ago ko pa naisulat. So sa wakas maipopost ko na siya.

This dispute over the Spratly islands is been going on for decades. The countries claiming part of the islands are Vietnam. Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, China and the Philippines. Back then I really don't know how China even has a claim on the island. I may not be good in geography but I know China is in east Asia and even though the Spratlys lies in South China Sea it doesn't mean China can have a claim over it.

China said they have discovered the island long way before and was a China territory before the first world war even occurred. Of course during the war Japan took over but after the second world war Japan withdrew any claim on the islands. I wont be questioning China's claim over the island only because its useless anyway.

What I'm not liking is the fact that they try to intimidate and bully our country. Its annoying enough that Chinese big fishing vessels keep doing illegal fishing on Philippine territory. Most of the time our small fishermen and coast guard couldn't do anything about it. Tons of Chinese cheap products both in price and quality are being  smuggled here in tons. It probably rivals the amount of products they bought from us. And now they have the gall to tell us what we should do on our territory. Its not like we don't have legit claim over the island. They are the one who makes territorial claim base on the excuse that they discovered the island way before anyone did because there are Chinese pottery found in the island.

We Pinoys are known for being a bit onion skinned. We reacted violently because an actor mentions Pinay order bride and a korean actress mimic our English accent. There are other minor comments made by some hollywood star and shows that causes major stir on the web. I don't even care about those but what China is doing now bothers me. This I feel warrant a long post.

I love Chinese food, I love Jackie Chan but China is insulting our sovereignty. Are they asserting that because they are stronger that they can threaten us with intimidation and now they are saying its all speculation? Its not like we are the only one crying foul over this.

There are calls for boycotting Chinese products but since we are literally flooded with them I even have no idea which products are made from China. So I'm just stating my displeasure over China's power tripping over spratlys claim.

We have a pride as a nation and we have a right to claim what is rightfully ours under the law of the sea treaty. No intimidation or bullying will cause us to falter over our claims.

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