Friday, January 14, 2011

A bloggers Favorite Blog

The first blog I read or at least the first one that leaves a mark on me  is an online journal from an improv site.  I clearly remember what that blog is all about: PORN

Its not about doing porn movies or best link to porn site. Its about a woman's account working in a porn video rental shop. It was recommended by a friend and once I started reading I couldn't stop.

Title of the blog is True Porn Clerk Stories by Ali Davis. Her account is funny and for a while it makes me wanna take on odd jobs. Her blog is so good that it got viral she also  got the attention of local radio stations.

When I googled it just a few hours ago I read that it was already taken down.. sorry no free reading.

UPDATE: True Porn Clerk Stories is no longer available on this site. We were proud to host this journal for the last seven years, but now it's available at on the Kindle and the paperback edition can be bought at

 Too bad.. oh well I hope I can find more interesting online journals and blogs to read in the coming years.



  1. uy sayang...i find it really interesting...

  2. Not yet read this... but sounds intresting!

    Just search & search a lot.... u'll get everything in net :)