Monday, January 3, 2011

When things get emotional....

I write
Sometimes I listen to music or walk to lighten up my mood but at the end of the day writing makes me feel better.

Siguro dahil simula ng taon kay medyo nostalgic at maraming alaala ang nagbabalik. The weird things about memories malungkot man siya o masaya they still make you wanna cry. Siguro dapat ipagpasalamat ko pa rin ang flow of different emotions because it got me blogging kahit madaling araw na and tomorrow is going to be a productive day... i hope.

Last year is a defining year for me. 2010 is also the year I had to let go of someone. Its one thing na mahirap gawin para sa akin, sentimental kasi ako kahit di halata. They say If you lose someone or something may darating daw na mas okay. Naniniwala ako doon pero kahit ganoon ang hirap pa rin kasi hindi lang naman effort at time and binigay pati puso kaya its like losing a part of your heart and even though optimistic ka you knew things will never be the same. Hindi na kasing tamis ang mga ngiti, mornings will not be as bright and for a while i lost my muse. Minsan iniisip ko its better to have a broken than a hollow heart. Pain drives you but hollowness sucked you into despair you don't even want to fight. Its like asking yourself worth it pa ba ang mga bagay dito sa mundo.

I'm not driven by money nor fame. Madalas naiinggit ako sa mga taong pera lang ang motivation kasi madali lang paghugutan ng inspirasyon yon para gumawa. Shallowness have its benefits. Pero ngayon i feel rejuvenated dahil siguro 2011 na and i have learned to moved on and face all the coming years with positivity.  Alam ko things will always get better in the end.



  1. take it easy hehe. 2011 will be a blast for all of us. you like reading books? i would like to suggest a book that could help you. "being happy" by andrew's a good book, it's funny, witty, and colorful.