Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's start again

Been over a year since my last entry, I'm bad at keeping my words but now I think I'm on the right track. Started my official losing weight goal last June 18, 2010 my starting weight is at approximately 180 pounds.
Right now my mind is already clear of all the cobwebs of the weight lose myth. I'm now quite confident that this time I'm going to succeed.

The first thing I did for this to work is find out the reason why my previous attempts were a big failure. Here's the reasons i failed.

1. I set goals i cant achieve like lost 10 pounds in two weeks. After much research i found out that to lose weight the healthy way, you just need to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week...

So now my goal is to reach 130 pounds or lose 50 pounds in 7-8 months. Its realistic and achievable.

2. I set-up a diet plan that's hard to follow.

I use to starve myself to death back then but after a week of doing that i starts to binge and voila calories intake balloon again so does my waist line. I can't maintain my diet plan because its unmaintainable in the first place.

So now i don't skip meals in fact I even have snacks. I still eat meat and chicken, chips and even drink soda but i make sure that i don't over eat and i exercise everyday. I can confidently say that my diet plan is easy to follow and i'm not starving.

3. I never count my calories.

This is one huge mistake i made which i now corrected of course.

I log my food intake everyday to monitor my calories here is a site i love and visits
Just simple math if ur calorie intake is less than the calories u burn then ull lose weight.

Now im at 164 pounds i dont know why im losing weight that fast but i won't complain hehe

34 pounds to go.....


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  2. congrats on you weight loss :) i'm health conscious as well. i've tried loosing weight coz i was chubby in college and i do agree that skipping meals is not the way to do it :) i believe it's about the quantity and quality of foods that we take. and also exercise :) may i also suggest yoga. it has really helped me a lot for years now not only in the physical aspect but also in mental and spiritual :)