Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Love and Cooking

Ive been sick and depressed the whole weekend. I really dont like being sick i have to stay at home and rest. And the medicine makes everything tasteless even bitter. Luckily im fine now and i can go back to work and hopefully my boss wont scold me. Even though work is kinda boring it would still beat staying at home and trying to feel better.

There are also some good points in staying at home well first i get to blog and ofcourse i was able to think of something to blog about. As i said when ur sick food is tasteless but i have to eat atleast to keep me strong or probabaly just drink a lot of juice. I love eating and cooking it gives me fulfillment. I think the best thing about life besides falling inlove is eating and cooking. In a book i read it was quoted that you must approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

Its interesting actually cause in my cooking i like to experiment. Im not a trained chef but as i said i love cooking and since i got to do with whats in the fridge i usually experiment with what i have and most of the time it turns out surprisingly well. i just know how much salt, water or how long should i mix and cook it to get to the consistency and hey im not the only one who likes my cooking even my family and friends like what i have to offer. I dont know why some people dont like to cook some are afraid of the cooking oil, some dont like to chop,others dont like the heat but atleast everyone eats they just dont like the preparation.

I only wish that i could be the same with being in love. If i could approach love the way i do my cooking i would be more successful for sure. Not afraid of the boiling oil or the heat or putting spices. Being able to concoct something nice from what i got and be happy in the end.

In love Im always careful always cautious and conscious but still i get hurt. Thinking about it I might as well go all the way out atleast whatever happens whether it will be a bitter or sweet ending atleast i know i gave my all. Okay that made me feel much better

My palate can again taste food Yahooo... too bad i cant eat sweets my throat is still not a hundred percent and im on a diet i almost forgot :)P.

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