Friday, October 1, 2010

List of Random Thought

I like visiting my blog more these passed few days, maybe its the color. I wonder what will make me update this blog more frequently. Most of the time I just can't write exactly what's on my mind. (Kahit pa magtagalog ako.) Well maybe now that the virgin month is over and the beer month (thanks to San Miguel Beer) has officially begun I will try to be concise and organize on my thought pattern.
For the whole month of October I'll be blogging about list.. any list that pops out of my head.
Things I'll do to make my life a little better or top 10 movies I wished was never made or ways to cook kangkong. There are more gory and morbid things I'm thinking about right now but that's just because life is a pain in the ass.

Super random

Congrats to Blue Eagles for soaring High again. PUP kailan ba kayo magkakaroon ng Baskeball team??????
Happy Teacher's month to all the teachers.. good or bad
Super Belated Happy Birthday to me. I'll be throwing a party next year. (maybe)
To my Inaanak SM sorry for all the B-day and Xmas na I'm not around at hindi kita na greet.

Signing off for tonight


  1. congratulations to "My Tasty Treasures" for being NUMBER ONE in this cycle's Hall of Fame! Check out who else made it to the top at BNP :)

  2. actually i am more interested in the list of ways in cooking kangkong. hahaha. and oh yeah, the color of your blog is nice, green is my favorite color hehe