Friday, October 8, 2010

What ifs.....

I think we are a generation of multi-taskers. I'm cooking dinner while updating my blog and checking information about internet marketing. And now im checking out the food my mom brought home... i should have not cook dinner.

Now for my list.... Im thinking about all the what if questions I usually encounter in different forums or kuwentuhan sa kanto.

1. What will you do if you find out your Boyfriend or husband is gay?

2. What if your husband or BF cheated on you (makikipaghiwalay ka ba)?

3. What if you won first price sa lotto, what is the first thing ur gonna buy?

4. What if you find out you have cancer and you only have 7 days to live?
variation: Tomorrow is the end of the world, what will you do

5 What if you become President for one day what will you do to alleviate poverty in this country?

6. What if you can be anywhere in this world where will you go?

I probably answered these questions once or twice sometime ago. I just realized all of these things I've listed can actually happen. I could die tomorrow, tumaya sa lotto at manalo, kill my cheating bf, book a flight to Paris and maybe 20 years from now run for president and win by a landslide or I could be abducted by aliens (That would be a bigger possibility than running for president.)


  1. I have asked some of these questions to myself as well hahaha!

    I'll vote for u if u run for president! ;D

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Nakakatuwa naman mga sagot mo!!! Napaisip ako... Pero ang hirap pala sagutin... But actually, I was just thinking last night about doing my best everyday coz I don;t know when my last day will be... :)