Thursday, September 23, 2010

39 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Ask the doctor to set realistic goal.

2. Stop eating the moment you feel full.

3. Exercise more.

4. Adopt new cooking techniques that are more healthful.

5. Leave off the sauces.

6. Set mind to long drag.

7. Post goal to the refrigerator door.

8. Take the stairs.

9. Reward self for meeting goals.

10. Plan meal on advance.

11. Eat small meals often.

12. Avoid fad diets.

13. Use positive self-talk to reinforce desired weight loss plans.

14. Think in terms of health gain rather than weight loss.

15. Do not let a ad day become an excuse to quit.

16. Drink more water.

17. Do not eat on the run or while in the car.

18. Avoid alcohol.

19. Keep a food journal.

20. Reduce red meat intake.

21. Combine watching TV with exercise.

22. Get sufficient nutrients.

23. Eat larger meals earlier rather than later in the day.

24. Invest in a good low calorie, low fat cookbook.

25. Be gram conscious.

26. Steam or broil food.

27. Think green and leafy.

28. Set a training goal.

29. Try a new Physical training.

30. Put an inspiring photo on the refrigerator door.

31. Shop for groceries on a full stomach.

32. Keep fruits and veggies washed and ready to eat.

33. Choose to eat fresh and whole foods.

34. When dining out, ask for salad dressing and condiments on the side.

35. Never eat from the original container.

36. Dont skip meal.

37. Eat sufficient fiber.

38. Buy good scale.

39. Use substitute for fat and sugar when cooking or baking.


  1. yeah, precisely...goals are a must when losing weight. hehehe

  2. My number one weapon: 13. Use positive self-talk to reinforce desired weight loss plans.


  3. Ahhh!!!!!!! Hindi madali... But it's fun. And it feels so great when you finally reached your goal!