Friday, August 20, 2010

Who wants to be Miss Universe????

While writing this blog I'm watching the Preliminary of the Miss Universe competition on Ustream. I don't follow the popular advise that i should abstain from reading beauty magazine or watching beauty contest because it could make me feel ugly. Yeah most of these women are stick thin, averaging probably 5'7 in height but I'm not gonna take it against them.

I love to see beautiful women, I admire beauty queens because i felt that its surely hard to smile all the time, wear those long gown, skimpy bikinis and they sure look good on Miniskirt.

So just back to the preliminary.. the host asked if the whole country of the Philippines is there.. its crazy. I don't know if Venus will win but she sure had everyone on her back and rooting for her. She wants it bad and that's a good attitude. Thailand looks beautiful she's one of my favorite.

Pook Nook Miss Thailand and Venus Raj Miss Philippines

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