Sunday, August 8, 2010

Side tracked

Just like the title i was a little side tracked these past weeks. I no longer exercise everyday but i still keep my diet in fact i think its already a habit. I think i wont be over eating so at least I'm maintaining the weight.

Right now I'm still active on the web and trying to find some ways to earn money online. I found some PTC and networking site i was busy with. I haven't reach any pay out yet but I hope i can.
I have no referral cause I'm still waiting to cash out just to make sure those sites I'm a member are no scams.. I dont wanna waste people's time.

I also dont want my blog to violate rules so i wont post any banner but i think its okay to post referral links. The newest site I'm into is starnaute its quite new but what I like about this site is they have an active forum I had problems with my log-in and they helped me right away and they have lots of ads to click and they're pay out is only 4 dollars for free members. Unfortunately this turned out to be a scam

The other site i regularly visit is BUXp, i would have given up on this site because first the pay out is 8 dollars and the per click is low but they don't have any issues with payments so I'll still visit this site and click till I reach my pay out. Here's the link

There is also an application on face book that is a source of income and its cloud crowd good thing about it is it actually pays everyday (business days). Sometimes it doesn't have any available work and you need to have good credibility score for more work option with higher pay. You just need a face book account and you're good to go. Here's the link.

The last site that i regularly visits for income is MyLot. You just post anything and respond to forums and you will earn money. pay out is 10 dollars but its an enjoyable site and you can definitely post respond and discussion as many as you can so that you can reach the minimum pay out earlier.
Here's my referral link

So guys if you're interested copy paste and click/ post


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