Sunday, February 1, 2009


First day of the love month. The signs are there red splatters everywhere, heart shaped candies and ofcourse the ever present figure of cupid with his bow and arrow.

To welcome the love month i went to a salon and had a haircut and shop the whole day(lots of sale). Spending is fun.. hehe.Now with my money on the hand of the businessmen who run the malls i guess i could now do some real dieting if you know what i mean.

Lets get back to valentines which probably next to christmas is the most corporate driven "holiday" in the world not only for the couples but also for he singles out there. If you have a special someone you need to do something special for your love. Being a cheapskate is unforgiveable. The ads on TV tell you so, there are lots of movies to watch, restaurant to eat out and stuff to buy. And ofcourse the singles are not spared we can't be lonely on valentines day u know. you can treat yourself to some expensive resto also attend some party made especially for the single even send yourself a gift and pamper your self in a spa. After all we dont wanna look unpretty on this day or month. So in whatever way we spend valentines the key word there is spend and luckily its pay day what a perfect day it will be.

I'm currently addicted to a song entitled Hallelujah no its not a praise song and im not changing religion. If you're familiar with american idol it was sang by Jason castro. It was originally sang by Leonard cohen but Jeff Buckley version is so phenomenal.
this link is a live version and just incase you also fell in love with the song its included in the album released in '94 entitled GRACE. The album is beautiful.

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