Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LINKS!!!! to my favorited website

When you visit the internet almost everyday there are ofcourse site you go to regularly.
When i checked out all of my favorited website i realized that most of them are webcomics. Either because i love to read or i love the graphics im not really quite sure but in any case webcomics are part of my daily browsing

I will list my favorited webcomic here in the world wide web based on how long ive been exposed to the comic

The first one is . Its usually a three panel comics its quite different because instead of drawings they uses Photographs. Its quite dark but very funny at some point disturbing. The one that provides the photos is Emily Horne and the words is Joey Comeau. You should also try browsing the site for some other works of Joey he is hell good.

The second one is nerdy comic its quite popular i believe A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. The author of this comic uses stick figures but based on some of his drawings on the comic its not because he is lacking talent he can definitely draw great pics if he wants to. I dont know what xkcd means though but i sure love the sarcasm the romance the language but not so much the math.

One slice of life webcomic i regularly visit is . Its the life of Marten Reed, his pervert android and his girlpals. I like the progression of the art in this comic, introduction of new characters and the thanks giving turkey.

Now the latest comic ive stumbled upon and my new favorite title is "girls with slingshots." I read this comic 4 hours straight just to update myself to the life of Hazel Tellington the alcoholic, loveless, aspring writer and heroine of the story. The best thing about this comic is that i could relate to it. Its about Women and their struggle and more... it also doesnt hurt that the punchlines were really really funny.

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