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a horror story

Takot ako sa mga bagay na hindi maipaliwanag ala paranormal activity.   Gore hindi masyado nakakawalang gana nga lang kumain.
Enjoy the story...
                                              Haunted Island
Chapter I

“Wow that island looks amazing, are you sure that’s haunted?” Trixie asks the two fishermen accompanying them. She and three of her friends Art, Wendy and Maddie heard from her aunt about the haunted island. Their curiosity and sense of adventure got the best of them so they’ve decided to visit the island for ghost hunting. Nobody in town wants to be their guide but they were able to convince the two fishermen for a big amount of money.

“Miss don’t be fooled by its serene appearance. That place holds a lot of secrets. Just recently two lovers committed suicide in that island. Their body was never found.”

“That’s like Romeo and Juliet. Do you think we will end up like those lovers?” Art jokingly asked Wendy.

“Maybe we should go back this place gives me the creeps.” Urged Wendy, she only went along with the plan because of her boyfriend Art.

“You’re easily scared.” Commented Maddie, he is the one who thought of the idea of going to the island and staying there the whole night.

“But what if the legends are true?”

“Then we will see what we’re looking for… ghost.” She then took out her camera to start taking picture but their guide stopped her.

“We told you not to take pictures.” Warn the guide.

“Look we are not going to a military camp we’re sight-seeing so please just let us do what we want.” She’s getting a bit annoyed with their guides because they keep telling them what and what not to do.

Once they’re very near the island the guide became eerily quiet. They didn’t even bother to leave their boat when they got to the island.

“Aren’t you going to stay with us?” Asked Maddie.

“No, we are not allowed to stay on this island during the night. We will just go back here tomorrow morning.”

“I think you’re just trying to rip us off.”

But even before they can complain further the two hurriedly left. They didn’t even bother to look back.

“Do you think they’ll come back for us?” Wendy asks nervously.

I’m sure they will. They’re just really scared of this island during the night.

“I hope this place won’t disappoint. Last year’s ghost hunting was boring. Maddie started to survey the place. It’s already getting dark.

“Well we will know later.” She answered while taking picture of the island and the rundown mansion which according to the two guides was once owned by a Spanish Friar and his mistress. He was executed by the Katipuneros after the Spanish regime collapsed.

“It’s getting cold here. We need to build fire. Art get some fire wood.” Maddie ordered.

“But the guy said we should never build fire the spirits will get angry.” Wendy the ever frightened one insisted.

“Let them be mad I don’t want to die of pneumonia okay.”

She ignores the raucous her friends are making. She just keeps taking picture of the place. She doesn’t believe in ghost or any supernatural being all she wants is to get good pictures for her blog.

“Hey come on stop taking pictures and help me build fire.”

“What’s wrong I thought you’re an expert when it comes to building fire?”

“Stop mocking me its Art’s fault I told him to get some firewood but it’s been almost an hour and he hasn’t come back. I already sent Wendy to look for him and still they haven’t return.” He’s obviously frustrated because he couldn’t set up the fire.

“Here use my lighter and stop playing survivor.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you have a lighter?” Maddie took the lighter and use it. They just use the firewood they found near the beach. However once they secured the fire it suddenly started to rain.

“Oh damn it.” They gather their things and run towards the mansion.

“I guess the spirits doesn’t really want you to build fire.” She commented.

The rain stopped but they just decided to stay inside the mansion. Art and Wendy have not come back yet and she starting to get worry.

“Maybe we should look for them.”

“Nah they probably just want to be alone. And it’s already dark it’s not really safe to wander around.”

“Ok I think I need to rest I’m tired.” She just lay down and within a few minutes she dozed off.

“Trixie you need to leave this island.”

“But I can’t leave my friends behind Philip.”

“But there’s no time. This island is cursed they will come after you.” and then he started drifting away.

“Wait Philip.” She just run towards him but for some reason she couldn’t reach his hand. “Don’t Leave me.” She begins to lose her breath and then someone grabs her hand.

“Trixie hang-on” it’s Maddie saving her from drowning. Once they reach the ground she tried to catch her breath.

“My God Trixie what were you thinking you almost drowned there.”

“I was just sleeping earlier and then suddenly I’m in the water.” She’s really confused.

“What are you talking about I was calling you but you keep walking towards the water. You’re lucky I got to you on time. I think you’re sleepwalking.”

“I heard Philip’s voice.”

“It’s just a dream. He’s been dead for five years.” He reminded her.

“I know and in my dream he kept telling me to leave the island”

And then they heard a loud scream coming from the mansion.

“That’s Wendy’s voice.” They run towards the house and there they saw Wendy sobbing and Art laughing so hard.

“What’s going on here?” Maddie is already angry.

“Its Art’s fault he frightened me.”

“I couldn’t help it she’s easily scared.” Art pleased that his antics worked keeps grinning. “And why are you two wet don’t tell me you decided to go swimming at this hour?”

“Someone did but let’s not talk about that. We should just stay together and no more wandering around.

“Maybe we should just stay near the beach. This mansion looks like it’s going to collapse any second. I don’t want to be trapped here.” Art suggested. They all agreed to just stay outside.

It’s cold but they no longer tried to build fire. Her camera is already ruined because it was submerged in the water earlier.

“I told you this is a bad idea.” Wendy commented.

“ Just finished crafting those bracelets.” The sun will be up in a few hours and will be off this island by then. And so they just waited silently for the dawn.

Chapter II

“Trixie wake up.” Her co-worker is shaking her.

“I’m sorry I nod off.”

“What’s wrong you look so tired?”

“I’m okay I guess it’s my insomnia. I need to do my rounds now thanks for waking me up.” It’s been a month after her vacation and ghost hunting adventure and she’s still bothered by the dream she had on the island. That’s what causing her insomnia and its disrupting her work.

She works a nurse for a large hospital in Muntinlupa. She’s been a nurse for almost four years. She once planned to go abroad after graduation but when her then fiancé passed away she hold-off everything and just lost interest.

After her shift she received a call from Wendy asking her to go to Maddie’s place. And then she realized it’s been weeks since she last heard about Maddie. She hurriedly went to his house. But instead of Maddie it’s his parents that welcome them.

“Hello Auntie where’s Maddie?” She asked nervously.

“Actually he’s not here. We admitted him in a mental institution.” They sadly inform her.

“Why what happened?”

“He’s suffering from schizophrenia. After he came back from vacation he started acting weird he talks about the island you guys went to. At first he keeps having nightmare about the island. We thought he’s on drugs but when we brought him to the hospital the doctors said he’s clean. Last week he begins hurting himself just like before.”

“What do you mean? Does he have history of mental illness?”

“The truth is we’re not his real parents. His parents died in a car crash. He witnessed everything and as a child it traumatized him. He was not able to talk for weeks and he keeps having nightmare. He was hypnotized to forget everything but now his lost memory slowly resurfaced and I think that’s what causing his psychosis.”

She was surprised at their revelation that they left the place in shock.

“You know what I’m sure he’ll be fine. Maybe we should talk to him.” trying to lighten up her mood. She can’t still believe that Maddie the happiest one in their group is suffering from hidden depression and pain.

“He’s catatonic he’s not going to talk to anyone.” Said Wendy who looks stressed out.

“When did you start smoking?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“What’s going on you already quit that vice years ago.”

“Well things are not going too well.”

“Where is Art? Does he know about your vice?”

“I have no idea.”

“What do you mean you have no idea? You two are inseparable.”

“We broke-up last week. And I don’t know where he is. He just moved out of the house and quit his job.”

“He never told me anything.” She suddenly develop a migraine because of the bad news she’s been hearing.

“Well he never told me anything specific either. He just told me that he fell in love with this girl he met during our vacation. He claimed she followed him here and he could not refuse her. So he broke-up with me and I haven’t seen him since.”

“Do you know the girl?”

“I haven’t met her. I don’t even know her name. At first I thought she’s just an alibi to get rid of me but according to his parents he keeps talking about her to them.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. But you should not lose hope. Art loves you so much. I’m sure he’ll get back to his senses”

“Yeah right.”

Chapter III

“Hold my hand don’t let go. Philip!!!” She keeps yelling but she couldn’t hear her own voice.

The alarm clock woke her up from her nightmare. She’s almost use to it. She just went straight to the shower and got ready for work. She barely had any sleep and the news about Maddie didn’t help.

“You look worse today Trixie. You really should get yourself some sleeping pills.”

Actually she already bought some sleeping pills but she doesn’t want to take it. She’s been dreaming about Philip’s death every night and its driving her crazy in fact she doesn’t even want to go to sleep.

Her day went without any hitch she tried to call Art but his phone is out of reach. Even his parents don’t know where he went. They know he’s going somewhere but he didn’t specifically say where. It’s like he just vanish.

“Trixie we got bad news.” One of the stuff nurse informed her.

“What’s going on?”

“Wendy was admitted in the emergency room.”

“Why what happened?”

“She had an abortion. Something went wrong and she kept losing blood.”

“Oh my God is she okay?”

“It’s not looking good.”

She runs to the emergency room.

“Doctor how is she?”

“I’m sorry but we could not save her. Im sorry.

She was too shocked to react. And then she saw the body. With shaking hand she called Wendy’s parents.

“Trixie these are Wendy’s belongings.” They hand over her a bag and bracelet.

“Thank you.”

She looks at the inside of the bag. She found a picture of Art. And she wonders where he is. Does he know about Wendy’s condition? Is that why he disappears? She looks at the bracelet made of shells. They took those shells from the island. They all have the same bracelet. And then she remembers what Maddies parents told her. It’s the island.

After the burial she went to visit Maddie. He’s still catatonic but he seemed to recognize her.

“Wendy’s already gone and Art is missing I have no idea what’s going on. It seems like everything is falling apart. I think I’m also losing my mind.”

“It’s the island” he keeps saying.

“What do you mean?”

“Never take anything from the island.”

She remembered the bracelet and understand what he meant.

Chapter IV

“You angered the spirit in the island.” The albularyo while holding the bracelet told Trixie. “Everything in that island belongs to those spirits.”

“How we’ll be able to pacify them?”

“There’s only one way. You need to bring back what you’ve taken or the island spirits will haunt you forever. You’re lucky compare to your friends because another spirit is protecting you but he’s getting weaker and could no longer help you so you better hurry.”

“When should I go back?

“As soon as possible”

Then maybe I should go back now. I already have the bracelet.

“Wait till it’s dark. You should also offer something very important to you.”

She looks at her engagement ring. It’s the ring Philip gave her before he drowned.“ I think I know what I’m going to offer.”

Her heart is beating fast as the boat approaches the island it’s almost six in the evening and in an hour there’s going to be a high tide and half of the island will be submerged in water.

“It’s time” told the albularyo.

As she gets off the boat she says a little prayer. She buried the bracelets and engagement ring in the sand and hurriedly gets back on the boat.

“Once the water swallows your offering the spirits will no longer bother you and your friend.”

“I hope so.”

“Don’t look back in that island.” warned the albularyo.

“I understand.” She closed her eyes so as not to get tempted.

But as she closed her eyes she heard a familiar voice. She opened her eyes and look around

“What’s going on?” ask the albularyo.

“I heard Philip’s voice.” She’s not dreaming.

Philip where are you? She called out.

“Trixie stay calm it’s the island it’s tricking you.”

Help me Trixie.

“It’s not coming from the island.” She looks down at the sea and there she saw Philip drowning.

“Help him he’s drowning.”

“What are you talking about there’s no one in the water.”

Help me Trixie. Without thinking she dives into the water to try and save Philip.

“Philip I’m sorry I’m going to save you.” As she try to reach out to him.

“Save her.” Shouted the guys from the boat

“We can’t it’s too dark the water is already rising.”

“It’s okay Trixie we’ll be together forever in this place.” As they are both engulf by the sea.

“Do you think the island’s stories are true? Ask one of the tourists.

“We’re not really sure ma’am but recently a woman that went in the island just dived in the water and drowned. According to one of the witnesses she claimed she heard her dead boyfriend’s voice.

“So you mean you will be able to see your love one’s ghost in that island?”

“That’s what they say but once you see a ghost in that island it will mean death for you.”

“That’s scary I think I would like to see that island.”

“ At your own risk. At your own risk.”

The End

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