Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Challenging Myself

One of my Favorite professor delivered a closing remark in a leadership training seminar. I really liked what he said
And i Quote
"a closing remark should be like a mini skirt short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the subject".
I never bought or own a mini skirt because I can't fit in it unless ofcourse its a double extra large. But I'm planning to buy one. A mini skirt that will fit perfectly to a woman that has a 26 inches waistline. I really cant remember the year or age i have 26 inches waistline but i was quite sure the time i reach a double figure age my waist line is more than 26 inches and as years pile up my waist becomes bigger.
Its been a big struggle for me to lose weight. Ive been in a yo-yo diet for years. And every year its part of my new year resolutions and until now its still part of my new years resolution .... in short i failed miserably.
Now that i'm already in my mid 20's.My goal to have my desired waistline and weight sprung to life again. I saw a mini skirt and told myself Im gonna fit in that mini skirt wear it and flaunt it.
This blog that im writing right now is the start of my quest to live a healthier life, a fruitful life.
They say when you write your goal and read it everyday and do something about it its more likely to come true. And this is the purpose of this blog to reinforce my will and ofcourse to write about my life and my other goals.
I am actually excited!! i'll post the mini skirt i'll try to fit into soon.

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